Fair Use Pricing Policy

Discover how our Fair Use Pricing Policy operates to provide you with the transparency and flexibility you appreciate in fixed monthly pricing. In this overview, we delve into the mechanics of our approach, centered on evaluating your service level every quarter to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your needs.

For our monthly services encompassing bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, Xero, and CFO plans, a predetermined monthly fee guarantees budget certainty, shielding you from unexpected fees or concealed costs. The beauty is, there’s no long-term commitment; you can cancel with just a month’s notice (or two months for CFO services).

Supporting this fixed fee structure is our Fair Use Pricing Policy, designed to maintain fairness as transaction volumes and services evolve. Our client quarterly review (CQR) process is pivotal, involving a thorough assessment every three months to gauge the compatibility of the service with your chosen plan. Rest assured, any adjustments to pricing will be communicated in advance.

Quarterly Review – Bookkeeping Service

In the case of bookkeeping services, pricing hinges on the volume of transactions processed. Through monitoring transaction volumes using tools like Dext and Xero, we conduct a detailed review every quarter using Xero’s ‘Account Transactions’ report, Dext usage, and internal timesheets. If your transactions consistently surpass your plan, we adjust it accordingly, usually taking effect from that point forward, with no retroactive charges for past transactions within the previous three months (unless excessively high).

We maintain a 10% tolerance level, ensuring no price increase until transaction levels exceed the prior level by an average of 10% over three months. Simultaneously, we evaluate processing efficiency and consider possible efficiencies during our review, keeping you informed of any adjustments.

Quarterly Review – Payroll Service

Moving to payroll services, as your team expands, so does the effort required. Our pricing remains straightforward and even becomes more cost-effective per person as your team grows. At the end of each quarter, we review payroll, accommodating new employees and adjusting plans accordingly. We also scrutinize your Xero subscription, aligning it with employee tiers.

Quarterly Review – Accounts Payable/Receivable

For accounts payable/receivable services, pricing correlates with interaction levels with suppliers and customer-chasing efforts. We initially agree on a price based on estimated effort, reviewed quarterly to ensure alignment with actual effort. If consistently higher, we discuss solutions, aiming to maintain the agreed price or resetting it if necessary.

In summary, our client quarterly review process is integral to our commitment to fair, transparent, and flexible pricing. We aspire for clarity and have invested significant effort to achieve it. If you have any questions or wish to discuss further, feel free to contact our practice manager at admin@thecoastalexec.com.au.